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Cosmedent Spreading Smiles

We believe in better dentistry and this belief has been the foundation of our company. All of our products and educational resources are born out of the belief that we can help dentists succeed in providing the best care for their patients.

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OUR MISSION - Better Dentistry.


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Cosmedent products are designed by dentists and solve some of dentistry’s most frustrating problems. Our system sets the standard for excellence while making your job easier. With a 30 year record of products receiving the highest awards, you know you are getting the best.


We want to see your practice grow. Our "Tip of the Month" videos, free webinars, extensive technique manuals and knowledgeable Customer Care Team are all offered to help you succeed.

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We can help you achieve invisible restorations. With Cosmedent products you will get a higher polish, a better shade match and the most beautiful restorations attainable. Cosmedent continually strives to provide the most esthetic materials so your patients can be more confident in their smiles.


High quality products mean longer lasting results. Cosmedent products are wear resistant and color stable, helping you create a lifetime of beautiful, lasting smiles.

We can help you succeed

"Our focus has always been on making materials that work for our customers. They are designed from the dentist’s point of view, incorporating the chemistry that best achieves that goal." Michael O’Malley, President of Cosmedent.

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NEW Strong and universal dental composite

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Mini FlexiDiscs

Our flexible discs give you a better polish at 1/2 the price!

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Renamel Microfill

Award Winning composite simulates enamel long-term

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FlexiCups & Points

Polish and characterize your dental composite

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All Ceramic Polishers

Polish all your ceramics in seconds

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Pink Opaque

Quickly neutralize dark stains and metal

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Cosmedent's  Direct Resin Bonding Concept


Meet the Co-Founders

Michael O'Malley

A Co-Founder and President of Cosmedent, Michael O'Malley brings 35 years of management experience in the dental and healthcare industry to the company. Mike is committed to the success of Cosmedent and always strives to provide customers with quality products and dependable support. Mike's foresight has led to the development of Cosmedent's manufacturing facility as well as The Center for Esthetic Excellence, a highly interactive educational center located in the heart of Chicago. Under his direction, Cosmedent has become a highly respected company within the dental industry.

Dr. Bud Mopper

As Co-Founder and Chairman of Cosmedent and The Director of the Center for Esthetic Excellence, Dr. Bud Mopper is responsible for educational programs and product development. Dr. Mopper has a private practice in Glenview, Illinois, where he has been doing minimally invasive dentistry with composite for nearly 40 years. He is an internationally renowned lecturer in esthetic dentistry with an emphasis on composite bonding using direct application techniques. He co-authored, A Complete Guide to Dental Bonding, which was the first definitive book for the dental profession describing bonding techniques.