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Our new temporary crown and bridge material

Temporary Crown and Bridge
Temporary Crown and Bridge
Temporary Crown and Bridge
10:1 MirrorImage Mixing Tips
Temporary Crown and Bridge


Our new temporary crown and bridge material

$204.55 50 ml Cartridge 10:1
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New Award Winning MirrorImage will help you create temporaries that look and feel like natural teeth. Cosmedent collaborated with dentists like yourself to develop MirrorImage. The result is an esthetic provisional material that you and your patients can be confident in. MirrorImage features faster working and setting times, easy trimming, natural fluorescence and a high polish. 


  • Faster working and setting times
  • Trims easy
  • Very esthetic
  • Minimal oxygen inhibited layer
  • Minimal exothermic Reaction
  • Pleasant vanilla scent
  • High Polish
  • Natural fluorescence



Indications for Use:
  • Single and multiple unit dental temporary restorations
  • Temporary Crown and Bridge
  • Temporary veneers
  • Short and Long-term temporization


What Doctors Are Saying...

WEB HEADSHOT Hartlieb (2)
Dr. Dennis Hartlieb

"I find this material very nice to work with. It trims easily, has a wonderful scent of vanilla while trimming, has a nice working time and I'm able to obtain an excellent final polish and finish."

WEB HEADSHOT Margeas (2)
Dr. Bob Margeas

"MirrorImage flows well, sets hard & fast, trims easily and requires minimal occlusal adjustment. It's very accurate and polishes to a high shine. A great addition to the other fine products Cosmedent sells!"

Dr. David Chan

"I am very fond of MirrorImage for its ease of trimming, great working time, natural fluorescence and superior strength. It flows very well providing accurate temporary restorations that polishes to an excellent shine!"

WEB HEADSHOT Dr  Jeff Brucia
Dr. Jeff Brucia

"I am very impressed with Cosmedent's new temp material "MirrorImage." Clinical use has demonstrated the handling and physical properties that I require."

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10:1 Mixing Tips for MirrorImage

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